why Speaker Suitcases?

Speaker Suitcase

Well why not! Suitcases are portable by design, they are well made and they look really cool. They even look better with a nice 12" speaker in them playing your favourite track from 20 meters away.

All our speaker suitcases are built with a distinct purpose in mind: to allow you to pump quality music anywhere. With that in mind, we’ve spent hundreds of hours sourcing components to bring you an amazing looking and sounding portable system. 

Because we hand build every case, we can manufacture or customise to suit your particular needs: Got your own case you want us to use? No problem. Want an additional connection? Sure. Need an extra battery? All good. We’ve built our systems to give you portable sound without compromising quality, and we build every case with these core principles in mind.

Be Mobile Friendly

Our speaker systems are designed to be portable, so you can be sure your speaker suitcase will continue to pump out your favourite tunes in the most isolated of places, meaning you can bring the atmosphere you want to wherever you and your friends are – not the other way around.

Be Unique & Have Style

Ever wondered why most portable speaker systems all look the same? We did. We also wondered why they always had tiny little speakers that sounded like shit. We had other ideas. So we put decent speakers into something that was still easy to move.

Reduce & Reuse Wherever Possible

We love the idea of up-cycling and do it every chance we get – but not at the expense of quality. We hand pick vintage suitcases and combine them with high quality vintage audio -and new state of the art electronics. When it comes to sound, the old adage ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’ often rings true. But there’s a balance - the old combined with the new is where we find our balance. First and foremost we’re about quality. 

Play It Loud

We’re not trying to make your ears bleed, but we do want you to be able to feel the music, not just hear it faintly in the background. There’s a reason why concerts and live music are loud, right? You want some atmosphere on the go and a tiny little speaker with no bass is not going to cut it. Sure, that tiny little speaker box might look cute, but so does a hamster – and we don’t see you taking one of those to a party. Real sound comes from real speakers and in most cases, that means size. It usually also means a range of speaker types so that you can get the full range of sound. Let’s face it, your favourite musicians spend a lot of time getting their recordings just right for your listening pleasure. The least you could do is listen to them through some decent speakers.

Let It Be Clear

Have you ever turned your stereo up and noticed that the quality of sound turned decidedly average after the 60% mark? There’s a host of reasons why this might happen, but in most cases it’s because your amplifier isn’t pumping out enough wattage to keep up with your speakers. In our humble opinion, there’s no point in volume without clarity. We’ve set up our systems to give you epic volume with a clarity that will allow you to enjoy your music as you (and the musician) intended. Music sounds better without distortion or crackling speakers.