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Little yellow taxi loves to be on the go. Super light and portable, while still packing quite a punch, she is definitely a pocket rocket! Housing 3.5 inch full range speakers and 4 inch woofers on the side, she has great volume and a nice balanced sound. Made from a vintage Samsonite overnight makeup case, she makes the perfect accessory at the beach, park, batch or or sitting on a shelf or coffee table in the lounge!

Ideal Use - 

  • Perfect for a house, apartment, camper-van, car or BBQ

  • Home audio. Move her around the house or give her a special spot on the mantle piece

  • Wireless or wired sound bar

  • Travel companion. She is light and very portable with 15-20 hours of battery life per charge

  • Great sound for up to 30 people


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Power - 100 - watts
Battery - 15+ hours
Size - 39cm Wide / 23cm High (not inc handle) / 21cm Deep
Speakers - 2 x 3.5 inch full range speakers, 2 x 4 inch subs on the side.    
Casing - Vintage Samsonite overnight train case
Weight - 4 kg
Connection - Bluetooth 4.0 APTX and 3.5mm Aux/headphones connection.
Lights -Power, Bluetooth on, Charging (turns off once fully charged)
Cords supplied - Power adapter