Stan - 53cm wide

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Stan - 53cm wide


Made from a beautiful vintage 1950’s Samsonite suitcase. Stan is pushing 70 and looks as good as the day he came off the line.

He has been given the treatment by At Large Audio and is now sporting a new 2.1 speaker system. With a full range stereo two way pair, backed up with a 10” sub woofer. This setup is powered by a 100 watt digital amplifier and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with 15-20 hours of battery life per charge .

Speaker Setup:

Stan is sporting a Dayton Audio 2.1 stereo speaker setup . With a 4” full range woofer and 1” silk dome tweeter (in stereo) on each side. And a mono 10” sub-woofer to really give it a kick on the low end


Made from a beautiful vintage 1950’s Samsonite suitcase in excellent condition. measuring 53cm Wide / 38cm High (not inc handle) / 19cm Deep


All At Large audio Speakers come with Bluetooth 4.0 APTX. Designed for extremely low latency (delay) , Bluetooth 4.0 APTX means you can use your speaker as a wireless sound bar or while watching programs on the computer and keep the audio and visuals perfectly in sync. It also come with an AUX 3.5 headphone styled input so you can directly plug in your Phone, TV, laptop, CD player, a record player with a line output or other music player.

Solar Compatible:

This Speaker suitcase is fully solar compatible while also coming with a 240v (wall socket) adapter. It can be charged directly with an At Large Energy Portable Solar Charger

Ideal Use - 

  • Portable home stereo system . Looks amazing as a feature piece at home and has the volume and clarity of a full sized home audio system.

  • Movable so can become 'Multi Room Audio'

  • Portable party starter - will drive a party of up to 60 people.

  • Portable sound system to take to the batch, park etc. Weighing in at 7.5kg


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Power - 100 - watts
Battery - 15+ hours
Size - 53cm Wide / 38cm High (not inc handle) / 19cm Deep
Weight - 7.5kg
Speakers - Dayton Audio stereo 2.1 system
1 x 10 inch sub, 2 x 4 inch full range, 2 x 1 inch sink dome tweeters
Casing - Vintage 1950’s samsonite Suitcase
Audio Connection - Bluetooth 4.0 APTX and 3.5mm Aux/headphones connection.
Lights - Bluetooth indicator, charge light (will turn off when fully charged)
Cords supplied - Power adapter