James Brown

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James Brown


Earthy tones with with a bit off chrome flair.  Perfect for playing music of all genres, but he does love the funk! With two full range peeless speaker drivers by tymphany on the front and two Dayton Audio woofers on the side bringing up the low end.  He is super light and portable.   Made from a American Tourister overnight train case, he would make the perfect accessory at the beach, park, batch  or sitting on a shelf or coffee table in the lounge or the campervan!

James Blown also has Bluetooth 4.0 (APTX) . Bluetooth 4.0 APTX is specifically designed to have extremely low latency (delay). This means James Brown is also perfect for use as a wireless sound bar or while watching programs on the computer . And between shows you can switch to playing music straight off your phone.

He also has an AUX 3.5 headphone styled input so you can directly plug in your TV, laptop, CD player, or other music player.

Ideal Use - 

  • Home Audio. Move him around the house or give him a special spot on the mantle piece

  • Wireless or Wired Sound Bar

  • Travel companion. He is light and very portable with 15-20 hours of battery life per charge

  • Great sound for up to 30 people

  • Perfect for a House, Apartment, Camper-van, Car or BBQ

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Power - 100 -watts
Battery - 15+ hours
Speakers - 2 X 4 inch Peerless by tymphany  full range on the front , 2 x 4 inch Dayton audio Woofers  on the sides  
Casing - Vintage American Tourister Overnight Train Case
Weight - 4.5 kg
Connection - Bluetooth and 3.5 headphones cord connection.
Lights -Bluetooth indicator
Cords supplied - Power adapter