Croc - 39cm wide


Croc - 39cm wide


This little number dresses to impress. Brass finishing, leather trimmings and crocodile style (vinyl) covering. This vintage Samsonite suitcase is really one of a kind. With 2 full range speakers and a sub on the front. Croc has all the basses covered with the looks and the sound to back it up!

He has a digital amplifier kicking out 100 watts of power with 15-20 hours of battery life per charge and comes complete with Bluetooth 4.0 (aptx) .

APTX Bluetooth 4.0 , with its extremely low latency (delay) , means you can use croc as a portable bluetooth speaker and a wireless sound bar for watching programs on the computer. He also has an AUX 3.5 headphone styled input so you can directly plug in your TV, laptop, CD player, or other music player.

Ideal Use - 

  • Perfect for a house, apartment, camper-van, car or BBQ

  • Multi room audio. Move him around the house or give him a special spot on the mantle piece

  • Wireless or wired sound bar

  • Travel companion. Croc is light and very portable with 15-20 hours of battery life per charge

  • Great sound for up to 30 people


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Power - 60 - watts
Battery - 15+ hours
Size - 39cm Wide / 27cm High (not inc handle) / 20cm Deep
Speakers - Soundbar system
2 x 3.5 inch full range on the front, 1 x 4 inch woofer
Casing - Vintage Samsonite train case
Weight - 4.5 kg
Connection - Bluetooth 4.0 APTX and 3.5mm Aux/headphones connection.
Lights - Bluetooth indicator, charge light (will turn off when fully charged)
Cords supplied - Power adapter