custom project: A real muso wedding

C.P. Moore, one of the founders of At Large Audio, was having a three day outdoor wedding festival in a campground in  Mapua (by Nelson) New Zealand. Sam Bennett, the other founder of At Large Audio, was one of his groomsmen.  So it goes without saying that this At Large Audio, 'sponsored' event.  

There were four key elements of the wedding that needed loud, and crystal clear sound. 

the ceremony (most importantly)

Have you been to a wedding where you could not hear the ceremony properly unless you were in the front row? There was no chance this was going to be a problem for C.P.s wedding. 
The groom was fitted with a lapel microphone, that clipped onto his collar. This provided amazing sound, while being barley visible. The wide range of this lapel mic meant that his bride didn't even need to wear one. Fiona could just look in his eyes and say her vow's, while C.P's microphone would pick up every word she said. 
One more microphone was used for the celebrant, who clipped it onto her folder. 
As these were wireless, the sound was transported to the battery powered speaker suitcase with a big 15inch driver in it, and the 100 guests could hear every word.

the bands

Over the years C.P. has played in several bands.  After the ceremony the bands all got up to play a a few songs as well as several talented member of the wedding party.  For this part of the festivities the speaker suitcase was hooked up to a mixing desk that had all the bands instruments and microphones plugged into it. The guests then were able to enjoy some live music performed in an outdoor setting with a surprise performance from the bride herself.

The Speeches

After the band was finished the speaker suitcase was pulled inside to play some spotify playlists, as well as drive the speeches. As not everyone is used to lapel mics, an option of hand held mics and lapels were offered. Once again the portable speaker suitcase worked perfectly in this situation, allowing the whole party to hear every word of the speeches. Although some did go on for a little long. 

first dance and d.j.

As the night moved on, so did the speaker suitcase. The case was now hooked up to the D.J. deck. Playing the first dance, and pumping tunes  for the dance floor well into the wee hours. 

the next day

On Sunday the drinks, food, and speaker suitcase came out again to greet the guests for and outdoor picnick. There was a much slower uptake on the drinks the next day, and the volume was a bit lower on the speaker suitcase than the night before. But it was awesome to have a portable sound system to move into the communal area of the campground for everyone to reminisce about the night before. 


PORTABILITY is key for a wedding!
design is a massive bonus

Being able to just pick up your sound system and move it to where sound is needed is really convenient for a wedding. However having something that looks the part as well is even better. No one wants a horrible black plastic speaker on rollers in their wedding photos. That's where an At Large Audio portable P.A. system is perfect. A system that can drive the CEREMONY, BANDS, SPEECHES, FIRST DANCE, D.J.S and the NEXT DAY.

If you have a particular look and feel in mind for your wedding, be it retro, vintage sleek or elegant, just let us know and we can design the perfect system for you.

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