custom project:
Kiddy Proof, for d.j.s who are dads

We met Paul down at the Silo Park markets one night when we was watching an open air movie, but he got a bit distracted by our suitcases. He's a D.J. and runs a D.J. company in Auckland, so it's fair to say he loves his music. As soon as he saw our cases he was hanging out at our stall, playing a set from his phone and getting the market 'sound control' over to ask us to turn down the tunes. 

As well as being a D.J. he is also a dad, so wanted us to make a custom cover for him to help make his case 'Kiddy Proof.' We told him that we could make one of two options for him.
OPTION 1 - A cover that is a plain piece of wood for transport only.
OPTION 2 - A cover that has the holes cut out of it where the speakers are. This is the option Paul chose as it meant that this cover could still be on even when the music is playing, as it does not distort the sound in any way.

Paul is also a keen boatie and loves having the protective case on his Speaker Suitcase for when he is on the boat. Like when he is pulling in a monster snapper, while simultaneously dropping some sweet beats on his phone. Some people actually say that the fish can feel the bass through the water and that helps with attracting the fish. Well Paul has caught a lot more fish since taking his speaker suitcase on board with him. But that might just come down to luck.

The Finished Product   
Photo 5-2-17, 3 41 11 PM (Medium).jpg

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