How loud is an at large audio speaker suitcase?

For serious volume, the larger units are what you are looking for. The loudest units will (and have) easily power a 200 person party. Essentially you have a Portable PA system. As the case and speaker size decreases, so will the maximum volume. But with the smaller speaker suitcases you get greater portability, and still good volume.

How long will the battery last?

The battery will last at least 8 hours at full volume and from 12+ hours at lower volume.
Each case is different however, and most cases will come with 12 hours at full volume, so look at the specs for the individual case for their exact battery life. You can always ask for an extra battery if you are wanting even more battery life, or a solar panel to charge the case during the day too.

can i listen and charge at the same time?

You know it! If you like you can leave your case plugged in full time and whenever you decide to take it out and about it will be fully charged and ready to go.

How long does charging take?

If you need to charge your case from dead flat to full it will take approximately 5 hours. Just remember it needs to be turned on at the switch and the wall when charging. Obviously you can still enjoy your tunes in the meantime.

I have my own beautiful suitcase i would like you to customise. Is this possible?

It most definitely is. Click here to customise your own case and follow the instructions.  We will lovingly handcraft it into an amazing speaker suitcase.

What is the turn around time to customise my own speaker suitcase?

If you do have your own suitcase that you would like us to customise, or like the look of one of our unmodified cases, it will take approximately two weeks for the team to handcraft it into a fully functioning speaker suitcase, plus a week for delivery.

How do I connect to play music through my speaker suitcase?

You can connect your phone, iPod, computer or any device that has a headphone output. We use a mixture of bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone cord. Check out the description on each listing for the specific details. You can control the volume using whatever device you are playing your music through and the volume control on the speaker suitcase if there is one.


If you are worried about the speakers getting damaged during transport then we can make a protective board to cover the speakers in transport. We can also create a protective board which you can play music through as well, just in case you are worried about children damaging the cones. Just let us know when you are buying one and we can let you know the cost.